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“Work hard, play hard, and listen carefully.” It means working hard for something you really love and never giving up, like playing sports. Playing any kind of sport is challenging, but if you really love sports you have to focus, listen to your coaches, and work hard.


Ms. Leah Gouker is a regular education teacher for Article VI at Pahoa High and Intermediate School. I interviewed her on what is working hard mean to her.


Zaelynn: “What does working hard mean to you?”


Gouker: “Working hard means taking care of your community and not just yourself, meaning is to take care of the land around you and not just your area.”


Zaelynn: “Was there a time when you didn’t work hard and you regret your actions?”


Gouker: “I never stopped working hard, because I am an overachiever. I work very hard to get things done.”


Zaelynn: “What keeps you motivated to continue to work hard on anything you start?”


Gouker: “Working hard to make a difference and giving life to a project makes everything worthwhile.”


Zaelynn: “Any advice to students to get them motivated to work hard?”


Gouker: “Remember that you have the power to improve your life and achieve everything you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve anything, just follow your heart and don’t stop. Choose the right path so you can achieve. I try my best to figure out why that student is not motivated, if they are confused or having a hard time, If they are hungry, if they were feeling distracted by something emotional, if they need to talk to the counselor, I think it is important to understand all students.”


I agree with Ms. Gouker, working hard helps all of us to be motivated and make a difference in today’s world or simply at school.

Author: Zaelyn Kahele-Kia (8th Grader)  

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